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Artist, mother, activist, journalist and teacher V V Brown, who took a 6 year hiatus from her musical career to attend to her mental health and focus on raising her two young children, makes her very welcome return with the release of her uplifting, thought-provoking anthem “Black British”. 

“Black British” was inspired when V V began delving into the purest musical influences of her early childhood such as J Dilla, Erykah Badu, Common, Kim Burrell and British records by Roots Manuva, Soul to Soul and Omar. 

“The last six years have been a difficult mental health journey for me, but I came to the realization that I need music to feel alive. Now that I live in the countryside, it feels liberating to create without that industry pressure. I spend most of my days wearing wellies, making music or enjoying the routine of family life. Everything about this album, whether it be the artwork, the lyrics, the production or the visuals, is about starting sociological conversations.

Art should make you feel, whether that’s feeling uncomfortable, empowered, happy, sad, scared, inspired. There is a radical power in the role of the provocateur and this was one of the motives for this record" 


Alongside the music, “Black British” combines the medium of essay writing and journalism, a talent V V discovered during her time away, writing several powerful articles for The Guardian with a musical palette inspired by some of the greats such as her favourite writer James Baldwin. Her lyrics address and confront the major issues facing Black Britons every day. 

“Black British” is a bold declaration of this singular artist’s intent as she begins her fearless new journey with an anthem that speaks boldly about identity and the conflicts of this cultural experience. 

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V V Brown is the founder of the Say Something charity.


The Say Something Collective is a creative charity based in Milton Keynes. We support marginalised communities outside big cities. We want to give specific communities, who aren't often given a voice, a chance to engage, develop and express their creative practice.


We curate, collaborate and produce incredible interactive exhibitions, installations, workshops and creative productions.

Our mission is to use creativity to foster inclusive debate and dialogue concerning questions of identity, societal differences and inequality.

Sociology + Art + Music + Culture = SS

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